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Testimonials & Accomplishments

Congratulations Tom Terril!! 

Left -      Major win at PGA National Aug. 2020


Middle - Winner at Caledonia Golf and Fish Club,

                Myrtle Beach Nov. 2020

Right - Winner of US Am Tour Palm Aire CC

               Sarasota, FL Feb. 2021



  Congratulations to Peyton!!

Pictures from 5 years old to PGA Junior League Golf, mentoring, to Gateway PGA Events, to High School State, now she is heading on to Nebraska's PGA PGM School. 

  • --- Barbara has been a huge part of our daughter's positive golf experience. They have worked together for the past few years and we have seen amazing growth in that time. Not just in the improvement in Shannon's golf swing, but also in her course management. Barbara brings her expertise to the kids in a fun and engaging way, challenging them and supporting them along the way. As Shannon plays in more competitive tournaments, Barbara has also been able to coach her on managing stress and playing her own game, which has helped tremendously with the mental aspect of golf. I cannot say enough great things about how Barbara and how great she is with developing the kids' entire golf game, taking them to whatever level they would like to play.  - Jill Gould (Shannon's mom)


    Congrats to Shannon, playing for Navy!

  • "Barbara Blanchar is the best coach and mentor I had for the past 9 years. She taught me how to play golf, how to smile and appreciate. Barbara can bring the best out of a person which helps on and off the golf course."– Hanule Sky Seo

  • "I love taking lessons from Barb, because she always gets me back on track when something is wrong with my swing. I learn by noticing how my swing feels, so Barb uses a teaching technique that specifically makes sense to me when she helps me. For instance, she lets me know when my club is pointing too much toward "the trees". As cheesy as it sounds, Barb is my mental coach as much as my golf pro. She knows that golf has a lot to do with your attitude, focus, and how you think. Golf lessons with her are really fun and rewarding. She explains things in a way that lets you just do them vs. thinking about them too hard. I'm a type A perfectionist who scrutinizes everything, so this is really helpful to me." - Abby Beckerdite

  • "Barbara has been the primary influence in helping me evolve from an average weekend golfer to a national champion with the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. Barbara’s lessons extend far beyond the traditional “full swing lesson” to include all aspects of golf. Our sessions integrate discussions on course management, mental game and tournament preparation along with traditional instruction on short game and full swing. Most importantly, Barbara’s positive teaching approach promotes increased confidence on the golf course leading to more enjoyment and lower scores!" - Dave Verhulst

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